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Project Profile

Project abbreviation: YouTwinDi

Project name: Virtual Personal Assistant Prototype

Project coordinator: Franz Weber, Gregor Jarisch, Massimiliano Falcinelli, Roland Pickl, Judith Abramov, Weber Consulting KG

Project consortium:

Funding: ELG (European Language Grid) Pilot Projects Open Call 1

Project duration: 31 August 2020 – 31.07.2021

Main key words: Digital Twin, Virtual Assistant, Chatbot, NLP, Artificial Intelligence, Language Technologies

Project abstract: YouTwindi is the next step in human-computer interaction: a digitalized world where the digital twin evolves and interacts with other digital twins and makes autonomous decisions in the interest of its human twin. A world where security and digital ethics assure ethical decisions and where IT specialists concur on enhancing the digital landscape with ethical models. A world where language barriers are removed and a continuous match of demand and offer and tailored searches help the human twin to improve his life in all aspects. YouTwindi will use the most advanced technologies in the domain of real-time language translation and analysis, allowing the user and its digital twindi to interact with all the European citizens without being blocked by any language barrier. The usage of advanced APIs in the domain of language translation and interpretation will allow the users and interconnected systems to transparently work with other users and systems independently from the used language.