Work Package 1: Grid Platform – Base Infrastructure
D1.1 Requirements and architectural specification of the base infrastructure (DFKI) April 2019 21 pages
D1.2 Base Infrastructure (first release) (DFKI) May 2019 20 pages
D1.3 Base Infrastructure (second release) (DFKI) December 2019 12 pages
D1.4 Base Infrastructure (third release) (DFKI) December 2020 274 pages
D1.5 Base Infrastructure (final release) (DFKI) September 2021 228 pages
Work Package 2: Grid Platform – Language Grid
D2.1 User requirements and functional specifications (TILDE) April 2019 30 pages
D2.2 Specification of the ELG platform architecture (ILSP) June 2019 36 pages
D2.3 Metadata schema (ILSP) August 2019 29 pages
D2.4 ELG platform (first release) (ILSP) April 2020 53 pages
D2.5 ELG platform (second release) (ILSP) March 2021 38 pages
D2.6 ELG platform (final release) (ILSP) February 2022 52 pages
Work Package 3: Grid Platform – Interactive Interface and Information System
D3.1 Requirements and design guidelines (TILDE) June 2019 103 pages
D3.2 Platform GUI (initial release) (TILDE) March 2020 26 pages
D3.3 Platform GUI (interim release) (TILDE) March 2021 28 pages
D3.4 Platform GUI (final release) (TILDE) February 2022 62 pages
Work Package 4: Grid Content – Services, Tools, Components
D4.1 Services, Tools and Components (first release) (USFD) February 2020 75 pages
D4.2 Grid Content: Services, Tools and Components (Interim Release) (USFD) February 2021 41 pages
D4.3 Grid Content: Services, Tools and Components (Final Release) (USFD) January 2022 61 pages
Work Package 5: Grid Content – Language Resources, Datasets, and Models
D5.1 Identification and collection of existing data sets, models, identified gaps and plans (version 1) (ELDA) April 2020 44 pages
D5.2 Data sets, models, identified gaps, produced resources and their exploitation within ELG (version 2) (ELDA) January 2021 98 pages
D5.3 Data sets, identified gaps, produced resources and models (version 3) (ELDA) January 2022 26 pages
D5.4 Data Management Plan (version 1) (ELDA) June 2019 20 pages
D5.5 Data Management Plan (version 2) (ELDA) December 2020 24 pages
D5.6 Data Management Plan (version 3) (ELDA) March 2022 26 pages
Work Package 6: Grid Community – Piloting the European Language Grid
D6.1 Pilot calls setup (CUNI) May 2020 133 pages
D6.2 Call 1 results and description of selected pilot projects (CUNI) August 2020 54 pages
D6.3 Call 2 results and description of selected pilot projects (CUNI) April 2021 38 pages
D6.4 Evaluation of pilot project execution and results (CUNI) April 2022 44 pages
Work Package 7: Grid Community – Communication and Competence Centres
D7.2 NCC report and LTB report (DFKI) September 2019 34 pages
D7.3 Market place report (setup and progress report) (SAIL) March 2020 41 pages
D7.5 ELG Conference 2019 and LTC Meeting 2019 (DFKI) October 2019 30 pages
D7.6 ELG Conference 2020 and LTC Meeting 2020 (DFKI) December 2020 32 pages
D7.8 Sustainability Plan (Progress Report) (DFKI) May 2020 50 pages
D7.9 Sustainability Plan (Final Report) (DFKI) June 2022 26 pages