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Project Profile

Project abbreviation: SignLookUp

Project name: Sign language explanations for terms in a text

Project coordinator: Helmut Ludwar

Project consortium: Sign Time

Funding: ELG (European Language Grid) Pilot Projects Open Call 2 : 137,227 Euro

Project duration: 1 year

Main key words: Sign Language, Accessibility, Explanation

Background of the research topic: Natural Language Processing

Goal of the project: The SignLookUp project will develop a webapp that uses sign-lexicons to present signed explainations for terms in a text.

Project abstract: The project SignLookUp serves the goal to make texts easier to comprehend for deaf people. Deaf people have a difficult access to texts, learning a written language is a challenge with a hearing impairment. Therefore about 75% of deaf people are functional illiterates. SignLookUp is a technology that links texts to a sign language encyclopedia. Deaf people can then click on difficult or unknown terms in a text and immediately receive the explanation or description of the word in their sign language which is displayed adjacent to the text. SignLookUp starts with two sign languages but is built to be easily expanded. The product will be licensed for companies and free for deaf people. This technology helps to make textual information on the internet accessible for deaf people.