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Project Profile

Project abbreviation: MKS2LLOD

Project name: MKS as Linguistic Linked Open Data

Project coordinator: Coreon GmbH / European Language Grid

Project consortium: Coreon GmbH

Funding: ELG (European Language Grid) Pilot Projects Open Call 1: 167,375 Euro

Project duration: July 2020 – August 2021

Main key words: Terminology, Taxonomy, Thesauri, Enterprise Vocabulary, Multilingual Knowledge Graph, LOD, LLOD, Semantic Web, RDF, SPARQL, Semantic Interoperability

Background of the research topic: Terminology solutions are not yet speaking the “language” of the semantic web, are not ready for linked open data. All come with proprietary APIs. Research how to overcome this obstacle and productize a solution, and feed into ISO TBX standardization to drive this forward.

Goal of the project: Understand how to overcome limits of knowledge graph editors and how to complement terminology solutions with interfaces for the Semantic Web. It has been achieved to facilitate this not only via a flexible export mechanism into various RDF formats, but in particular via a live-reachable SPARQL endpoint.
Develop an RDF vocabulary for Coreon MKS resources and similar TBX-like data resources.
Integrate the solution into ELG hub.

Project abstract: Enable companies and institutions to make their semantic interoperability assets discoverable and available on the ELG. To achieve this, Coreon developed and complemented its repositories with a new API, namely a SPARQL interface. The ELG hosts the endpoints to Coreon hosted Multilingual Knowledge Systems and thus becomes an important key platform for the multilingual semantic web.